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Song of Sacramento

One Song — Many Melodies

One City — Many Stories

date - Friday, January 18, 2019

time - 7:00 p.m.

location - Uptown Studios           

2415 23rd St., Sacramento



When Rogue Arts and Media was formed, its founding members were in complete agreement about Sacramento; it is an extraordinary place.  Full of life, art, and story waiting to be told. Sacramento native and Founding Artistic Director, Omari Tau was already working on a concept to open creative dialogue with the many poets, composers, and performing artists of the city to explore the creation of new art song, opera, and other musical composition when, unsurprisingly, his fellow members announced that they had a similar idea.  Song of Sacramento (SOS) was born.


SOS brings together area composers and performing artists to explore, expand, and affect our story. Emphasis is placed on local composers and performing artists to highlight the city’s vast talents and rich cultural legacy to contribute to the greater artistic community.  There is so much to say, so many ways to say it, so SOS encourages a musical exchange where more of it can be shared.


In 2019, SOS will take the form of a benefit concert for Sacramento Children’s Chorus, showcasing musical compositions by Kurt Erickson, Zachary Watkins, Graham Sobelman, and Omari Tau.  The pieces will be performed by Rogue Music Project’s Carrie Hennessey, soprano and Jennifer Reason, pianist.


For more information about this year’s composers, visit their websites by clicking on the corresponding photo:





















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