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Omari Tau


"so much to say"

Omari Tau is known primarily as a singer of styles ranging from classical, jazz, and musical theater to pop and R&B. Similarly, his experiences as an artist intersect across broad spectrums, including composition, performance, and both musical and stage direction.  


Tau received degrees in Music Education at Michigan State University and his Master of Music in Vocal Performance at the University of Houston, Moores School of Music where he studied with mezzo-soprano, Katherine Ciesinski and director Buck Ross. Studying with Mr. Ross, Tau developed an eye for fast-paced, quick-witted comedy, deep drama, and he began to develop a language for problem-solving on the stage. This led to his being selected to direct Houston Grand Opera’s traveling opera troupe for young audiences, Opera To Go!, a program that served as a training ground for young singers.


Tau continued his exploration of the voice which led to experiences performing in avant-garde musical styles at Fondation Royaumont’s Voix Nouvelle, to singing in operas at the young Opera In The Heights, and in musicals such as Disney’s The Lion King, a show which he toured for nearly nine years.


During his travels on the road with The Lion King, Tau was commissioned by Houston Grand Opera's HGOco in conjunction with The Anti-Defamation League to create a socio-musical theatrical experience entitled I Am Called “Me” in conjunction with the No Place For Hate campaign. He also produced, composed, and directed a bawdy musical theatre romp entitled Kill! Kill! or Die! A Zombie Rock Opera, which featured the national artists that he worked alongside each night. Tau continued his connection with the more formal operatic community, including being commissioned to compose his one-act opera Hans In Luck for Lone Star Lyric Theater Festival in 2011.


After life on tour, Mr. Tau became Director of Opera Theatre at Sacramento State University, rebuilding a once larger program with the fundamentals of stagecraft for singers, accompanied by an encouraging atmosphere of curiosity for the broader understanding of the operatic art form and its history as a base. Still performing, Tau performed the role of Hud in Broadway in Music Circus’ much-lauded production of Hair as well as a number of other productions with the company. In 2013, he directed The Bremen Town Musicians for the Sacramento Opera which marked a return to such programming after some years.


After six years with Sacramento State University’s Opera Theatre, Tau joined the Music faculty of Cosumnes River College where he is currently a professor of Vocal Music.



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