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RSVP Bringing It Back Down To Earth

Reconciliation Singers Voices for Peace or RSVP have the coolest gig in music. They sing to help people. Isn't that what we all really want to be doing? Helping people and doing what we love. They say you can't make a living doing that. I say that's the very definition of making a living.

RSVP picks two area charities a year for whom they plan a concert to raise money and awareness. The fun part is pairing the theme of the concert to the specific theme of the charity. This year according to artistic director and Rogue Jen Reason, that theme is FOOD!

Now, in the midst of their spring concert season, RSVP have teamed up with the Sacramento Valley's Center for Land-Based Learning. The center serves as a training and developmental space for future farmers. Reason told Beth Ruyak of Capital Public Radio with this concert, the choir is supporting "the up-and-coming generation [of farmers] being educated and reconnected to the earth and their food supply."

You have TWO MORE chances to catch RSVP in concert: Friday they'll be at the Westminster Presbyterian Church on N Street in Downtown Sac. On Saturday, RSVP is headlining at The Pleasant Grove Community Church on Pleasant Grove Road in Roseville. The Casey Lipka Ensemble joins Reason and RSVP for their Spring Concert.

RSVP Artistic Director Jen Reason (piano) with the Casey Lipka Ensemble at last week's concert

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